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Why Qualify API

Many self-pay patients qualify for coverage but are unaware or unsure of how to apply. PointCare’s Qualify API can help you find coverage options for these patients, leading to more reimbursable visits. Quickly and easily integrate Qualify API with your current software. 

How Qualify API Works

With Qualify API,  your patient access team can screen patients in under 90 seconds for public and private programs and benefits. The screening is dynamic and has programs for all 50 states, so your team can qualify patients coming from other regions. 

Qualify API is up-to-date on the latest programs and eligibility requirements, meaning your enrollment team will have accurate information when working with patients. This is critical, as 70% of coverage and benefit programs made changes in the first quarter of 2020. Once screened, each patient receives an individualized list of programs and application steps via text, email, or print. Accurate qualification leads to more applications and approvals, resulting in covered visits for your hospital or clinic. 

Data Security

We use a HIPAA compliant and secure platform for our products. Qualify API also has a static IP feature, which ensures the security of your system when working with the product.

Additional Information 

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